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      These and similar questions were asked after a superficial examination of my papers, and, having answered them, I was allowed to go on. But at a certain moment an officer appeared, who summoned me to dismount, and asked for my papers. After a short examination he ordered a soldier to take me to the commanding officer at Riemst.╆幞のReaction wheels are employed to a limited extent only, and will soon, no doubt, be extinct as a class of water-wheels. In speaking of reaction wheels, I will select what is called Barker's mill for an example, because of the familiarity with which it is known, although its construction is greatly at variance with modern reaction wheels.傅イCHAPTER XVI. MACHINERY OF APPLICATION.丹脞い递

      Without any wish to discourage the ambition of an apprentice to invent, which always inspires him to laudable exertion, it is nevertheless best to caution him against innovations. The estimate formed of our abilities is very apt to be inversely as our experience, and old engineers are not nearly so confident in their deductions and plans as beginners are.イ颏━钉訾ぅStrains caused by cutting action, in planing or other machines, fall within and are resisted by the framing; even when the tools are supported by one frame and the material by another, such frames have to be connected by means of foundations which become a constituent part of the framing in such cases.イゥゥゥ撺�怅

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      I knew about Bressoux. I had seen the flames burst out from many houses, and I had reliable information also from other villages about the slaughter that took place there, although this lady of course exaggerated when she said that "not even the tiniest babies escaped."サΩぅ"Why not, sir?" I asked.い丹栅�きいバ

      This he had done. Already for many days he had treated several officers to his best claret.ゥロ护2. The percussive force of spouting water can be fully utilised if its motion is altogether arrested by the vanes of a wheel.ん幞みい"9. Van Hoeyaerden, member of the Town Council.搐

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      Standard gauging implements were introduced about the year 1840, by the celebrated Swiss engineer, John G. Bodmer, a [148]man who for many reasons deserves to be considered as the founder of machine tool manufacture. He not only employed gauges in his works to secure duplicate dimensions, but also invented and put in use many other reforms in manipulation; among these may be mentioned the decimal or metrical division of measures, a system of detail drawings classified by symbols, the mode of calculating wheels by diametric pitch, with many other things which characterise the best modern practice.ゥ唐触ぅ伐ユTo illustrate the practical application of what has preceded, let it be supposed, for example, that a machine is to be made for cutting teeth in iron racks ? in. pitch and 3 in. face, and that a design is to be prepared without reference to such machines as may already be in use for the purpose.たいゥ

      �扩CHAPTER II膜イイ�浼恧胜いユ

      �ゎイイIn practice, the truth of this proposition is fully demonstrated by the excess in the number of lathes and boring tools compared with those for planing.胙ず授逗ォユ"We have plenty of them; but many of us fall by the treacherous shooting of the civilians; they are swine, swine! And these Belgian women ... they are the dirtiest bitches ... beastly swine...."イ癀ぅッ

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      Next day I was already back in Liège, where much was changed after my last visit. The Germans went on terrorising the inhabitants, and these, being extremely frightened, looked with suspicion at every stranger. In the streets was the smoke of burning houses, especially from Outre-Meuse.ē`いぅ"Yes, sir."摔慰馥娈�ゥ廿

      Screw-cutting machines may be divided into modifications as follows:—(1) Machines with running dies mounted in what is called the head; (2) Machines with fixed dies, in which motion is given to the rod or blank to be threaded; (3) Machines with expanding dies which open and release the screws when finished without running back; (4) Machines with solid dies, in which the screws have to be withdrawn by changing the motion of the driving gearing; making in all four different types.ゥイトd准工�い长ろ啷氓ゥ"Oh, you are a journalist? And what came you here for?"禼楗いイイ